Sculpins Summer Camps 2014

Sculpins Summer Camps:
Session 1: July 14-July 18, 1 pm – 5 pm, Cost: $125
Session 2: August 25-August 28, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Cost: $100
No synchronized swimming experience is necessary.
Only qualification: Must be deep water comfortable and be able to swim 25 yards.
For more information please contact head coach Sara Neitzel: or phone: 518-573-9840.

Sculpins Synchro Wins Association Meet at Hartwick College – January 27, 2014

For Immediate Release:

Sculpins Synchro Wins Association Meet at Hartwick College
Contact: Wendy Kerner,
Troy, NY:  January 22, 2014–Sculpins Synchro finished in 1st and 2nd place at the Association Jr/Sr Synchronized Swimming meet at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY this past weekend in team routine competition. The Sculpins Senior team, comprised of Carolyne Guo (Niskayuna), Mathilde Warren (Guilderland), Maranda Bowers (Guilderland), Elizabeth Pugliese (Rensselaer), Eleonore Warren (Guilderland), Michela Rossetti (Castleton), Alexa Pazienza (Clifton Park) and Cassie Kerner (Ghent) finished in first place with a score of 123.8.  The Sculpins 13/15 Age group team, comprised of Susie Colandrea (Averill Park), Emily Bowman (Delmar), Lily Talmage (Delmar), Alaina Rossetti (Castleton), Sarah Konig (Castleton), Isabella Hill (Scotia), and Ashawna Merrit (Scotia) finished in second place with a score of 106.3. 

The Sculpins also swept 1st, 2nd and 3rd place honors in solo, duet and trio competition.   Solo routines:   1st-Guo, 129.4; 2nd-E Warren, 120.5; 3rd- Pazienza, 119.2.  Duet routines: 1st-Guo/M Warren, 129.7, 2nd-Pugliese/ E Warren, 123.4; 3rd-Bowers/M Rossetti, 121.2, 5th-Colandrea/Bowman, 114.0; 6th-A Rossetti/Talmage, 105.2.  Trio routines: 1st-Pugliese/M Warren/Bowers, 123.4, 2nd-M Rossetti/Pazienza/Kerner, 117.2; 3rd- Talmage/A Rossetti/Konig, 105.3.

In addition to team routines, synchronized swimmers compete in individual figure competition. The Sculpins Senior team swept the top 8 placings for individual figures: 1st- Guo, 63.18; 2nd-Bowers, 61.50; 3rd-M Warren, 59.31; 4th-Pugliese, 58.59; 5th-E Warren, 57.69; 6th- M Rossetti, 56.72; 7th-Pazienza, 56.60; 8th-Kerner, 56.01.

The Sculpins Senior team and 13/15 Age group team are scheduled to compete at the East Zone 13/Over Championships and 13/15 Open Championships in Tonawanda, NY on February 7-9. The Sculpins currently practice up to 5 days per week at the Troy Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Troy, NY.  For further information contact or Head Coach:



January Booster Club Meeting Announcement

Below you will find the agenda for our Booster club meeting scheduled this Saturday, January 4th at 9:30am.  All parents are welcome to attend to hear the latest about the Sculpins, e.g. coaches report, Holiday party, suits, upcoming meets, etc.

The annual Holiday party will be Sunday 1/12/14 2-5 pm at St Mary’s in Rensselaer.

Please see the flyer announcement for details on what to bring and to RSVP to Carolyn Konig how many are attending and what item you are bringing.

This is such an exciting time in the Sculpins season with many things happening.  Please join us to hear the latest, bring forward any questions, and support our synchronized swimmers doing what they love.

Go Sculpins.

Tentative agenda for Saturday, 1/4

I. Update to Handbook -Thank you to Holly Weigman

II. Holiday Party , January 12th

III. Upcoming meets, need for volunteers, etc.

IV. Suit update

V. Board position- New Families Communication Coordinator

VI. New committee-Swimmer Recruitment

VII. Corporate Sponsorship/ Donations update

VIII. Fundraising -Ad to go with chocolate fundraiser

IX. Treasurer Report

X. Coaches update

  • - meet schedule
  • -Pilates for 11/12 AG and Int.
  • -team meetings

November 16, 2013


It’s Saturday night and I’m still doing Sculpin stuff. That’s ok though—some of it is kind of exciting. It’s time to register for the Silver Clinic. This year’s clinic will be on Saturdayand Sunday December 14th and 15th in Binghamton. Saturday (from about 12:30 until 7:00 pm) is for our 11/12 age group and 13/over intermediate swimmers.  Sunday from 9:00 – 4:00 pm is for 13 and over age group swimmers.

This year’s clinic will be run by two members of the National Team Coaching pool. Sue Nesbitt (head coach of the Riverside Aquettes) and Jen Muzyk (head coach of the New Canaan Aquianas.)  I have attended several clinics where Sue Nesbitt has been teaching and she does an amazing job. While I’ve never seen Jen train at a clinic, I know she is a terrific coach and I think this will be one of the best Silver Clinics the East Zone had ever held.

The clinic this year will focus on the new FINA figure groups we will be competing in for the next four years. We will also be sending coaches to this clinic.

The cost of the clinic is $75 per swimmer and includes lunch.  Unfortunately, we have a very short turnaround time to register the girls, so I need to hear from each of you as soon as possible.

We strongly urge ALL members of the 11/12 team, the 13/15 team and the 13/over intermediate team to attend.  Please e-mail me as soon as you have checked your calendars and bank accounts to let me know if your daughter can attend. We may not be able to get everyone in—we don’t know how many they are taking, so please don’t send money now—just a yes or a no. If we have to cut our numbers, it will have to be yet another unpleasant coaching decision, but our fingers are crossed that we can get them all in if we hurry.

Because of the location and the times, it won’t be necessary for anyone (but coaches) to spend the night and I think we can keep the wrap around costs minimal by car pooling.

We are not sending any swimmers to Lake Placid this year, and it appears as if the Zone will not be having a bronze or gold clinic this season so this may be our best and only chance for outside training by nationally ranked coaches.  I know the timing isn’t great, but if it helps to make your decision just a tad easier, know that I will be attending the Lake Placid judges update the following weekend—that’s right—the weekend before Christmas just so that I can be a better judge and coach for your girls.


We have heard from a number of swimmers and/or their parents that their custom made practice suit is too small. There is a reason this suit maker sent sample suits for everyone to try on but lesson learned. We will never again let a swimmer order a team suit without trying on one from the sample box. We still had a number of suits to order, so wherever possible we are doing some trading and swapping. Obviously, we can’t return a custom item, but we have decided that AS LONG AS THE SUIT HASN’T BEEN WORN we will not charge you for a second suit. We will hold the extra suits in inventory for next year. In order to get the remainder of the suits ordered—both for those who haven’t received a suit at all yet and for those who are re-ordering we need any suits that do not fit returned immediately along with a confirmed (try on a sample suit) size for the new suit we will be ordering for you.

You may have noticed that these suits are a bit “skimpy” in the back and have high hips—that is the style—not a bad fit. Welcome to the wonderful world of Synchro fashion.  The high cut hips are believed by all to give the swimmer the illusion of a longer and more extended leg.  Since we are all in on that little trick I’m not sure how effective it is, but there you go!


I think at this point, I have all of the orders from you folks and I am ready to place the order on Monday.  

The following is a courtesy call-out to the 10/under team. The rest of you are on your own!

Brady Family, Van Patten Family—do you want your swimmer’s name on their jackets? Atkinson family—I don’t have an order from you—does Meghan need a jacket or did she get one last year? Colandrea Family—does Stephen need a jacket or does he have an old one of Susie’s?

If for some reason you missed this order or the order comes in and you see items you can’t live without, do not despair. I will place another order shortly before the younger kids start competing. I just want to get this order submitted in time for the holidays.

And that’s it for tonight folks—I still have a huge batch of USA synchro registrations to complete!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend AND LET ME KNOW ABOUT CLINIC ATTENDANCE ASAP!

Sculpins Booster Club Meeting Minutes, 10/19/13

I)               Website update: 

Alejandra demonstrated the new website features on a word press site.  Details are still being worked out to move the domain name ( to a new server.  The current website is currently viewable via a “soft-release” at:

Sculpin families are welcome to review the website and provide feedback to Alejandra and Holly.

II)              Treasurer’s report: 

A) Laurel provided a summary of our current income and expenses (9/1/13-10/18/13).  Credit cards can be used for any expenses. You just need to let Laurel know you’d like the charges made.  Your fundraising obligation can also be charged to credit cards/Square payments if you’d like to break it down monthly (or otherwise), for families that do not want to participate in the individual fundraisers.

B) The Executive Board agreed to a family fundraising discount for families with 2 or more swimmers in the Sculpins.  The first swimmer must meet 100% of their fundraising obligation, and the additional swimmers in the family will have to meet 75% of their fundraising obligation.  The family discount for the fundraising obligation will be reviewed by the Executive Board annually.

III)            Fundraising:

A)     We have just started a new fundraiser selling Save Around coupon books.  The books cost $20 each, and the swimmer will be credited $8 for each book sold toward their individual fundraising obligation.  Stacey has handed out one sample book to families, and has additional coupon books available if you didn’t get one, or as you sell them and need more.  Please remember if you don’t sell any books you need to return the sample, or you will be charged $20 for the sample book given out to you.  The Save Around coupon books are being sold until 11/16.

B)     A fundraising calendar was also reviewed for upcoming fundraising events.  This will be posted to the website and on the bulletin board.

C)     The Swim for Synch fundraiser is scheduled for 11/2, with money due by 11/16.  Swimmers can get sponsors to make a donation per lap or a set donation amount.  Swim for Synch sponsorship forms are available in the parent box at the pool, if your swimmer didn’t get one by email.  The coaches will let you know what time each team will swim on 11/2 to accommodate the whole club swimming laps in the pool that day.

D)    We will be selling ad book advertisements earlier during the year to maximize fundraising opportunities with businesses. It is expected that the ads will cost the same as last year.

E)     Each family’s fundraising obligation was explained again.  Each family must meet their own individual fundraising obligation, and then every family on the individual team must meet the fundraising amounts before any overage can be applied toward the team travel expenses.

IV)            Corporate Sponsorship: 

There is a committee (Sarah, Wendy, Laurel and Jennie) working on approaching businesses for sponsorship.  If anyone has any business contacts or ideas please let them know so they can contact the business to avoid duplication.  The committee is waiting for the website to be fully functional, so corporate sponsors can be listed and advertisement sold.

V)              Coaches report:

A) Tracy thanked all parents for their parental involvement and reminded everyone about the importance of getting swimmers to practice on time.  She said all the teams are off to a great start.  Coaches have been very supportive of swimmers moving up into different teams this year, and parents are welcome to let the coaches know if they have any concerns about how their swimmer is adjusting.

B)     There was a recent meeting of the Adirondack Association (Sculpins, Binghamton, and a small Oneonta team).  The Association has little money in their account and was considering raising swimmers dues.   However due to a change in the meets that were awarded to each club, the Adirondack Association is now hosting the Regional meet together and will split any profit, 1/3 to the Assoc., 1/3 to Sculpins, 1/3 to Gaviatas.  Therefore, there won’t be an increase in Association fees at this time.  USA Synchro is requiring the purchase of a new scoring system with a user license fee of $500.  However, it is uncertain if we will be required to purchase this yet.  USA Synchro will be eliminating trio competition next year.

C) The coaches are finalizing individual work outs for the swimmers to do at home. The swimmers will be given these the week of 11/4.

D) Jenna Neitzel will be meeting with the swimmers to discuss nutrition.  She is finishing her program to become a licensed dietician.  Tracy handed out a list of Healthy Snacks for Athletes by St Vincent Sports Performance.

E) A calendar for the year, including meets, vacations and events was distributed.  Tracy will be emailing this to everyone, and if anyone has any questions there will be individual team meetings in November to review the calendar, etc.

F) WRGB recently interviewed and filmed the swimmers for a piece to air the 2nd week of November on the 6 pm news.

G) All routine suits have been ordered, and there will be some suits coming in next week from the Texas suit maker for sizing review.

VI)            Merchandise:

The deadline for ordering Sculpin merchandise is 11/2 to allow time for Christmas delivery. There are additional merchandise order forms in the parent box with a catalog.  Please speak with Tracy about any merchandise questions.

VII)           Team Parent:

Anyone interested in being the team parent should let Coach Sara know by the end of the day, 11/20.  Team parents are responsible for attending booster club meetings and communicating information back to the other families, facilitating communication between coaches and parents, and other team duties as needed.

VIII)         The next Booster club meeting is November 23 at 9:30am

Attendees: Wendy Kerner, Robin Pugliese, Patricia Zeman, Pat Merritt, Karen Rossetti, Holly Wiegman, Dan Hill, Alejandra Pickett, John Brady, Kristi Van Patten, Laura Ryan, Rajani Bhalia, Jen Morrell, Erin Neiles, Nancy Watkajtys, Stacey Bowman, Laurel Plante, Sylvie Mignot, Sarah Todt, Carolyn Konig, Tracy Neitzel


Booster Club Agenda: 10/19/13 9:30 am

I) Website update-Alejandra/Holly: getting domain name moved, finalizing content, etc.

II) Treasurer report

a. Discount for yearly fundraising amounts for families-Laurel

III) Fundraising update: Laurel/Stacey: outline of ideas and timeframes for future fundraising, review fundraising obligation.

a. Overview of Swim for Synch for new families

IV) Corporate sponsorship update-Committee: Sarah, Laurel, Wendy, Jennie

V) Suits updates:

a. deposits due

b. message from Marie Christine

VI) Merchandise ordering deadline

VII) Responsibilities for Team Parents: attend meetings, coordinate communications between parents/coaches/etc as needed.

a. Volunteers for Team parents: let Coach Sara know by COB on Sunday, 10/20/13

VIII) Coaches report: calendar updates-meets/vacation, dietician, etc.

IX) Next meeting: 11/23 9:30 am

status on suits design

All suits have been designed, and sent to the suit’ ladies.

The headpieces’ designs is still TBD.
10-U, 11-12, 13&O, and 13-15 teams from Action Fit
  • In the next few weeks, we will be receiving a few suits to check that the suit sizing is right.
  • All suits are in the 70-80$ range. Except for the 10-U, which is in the 60$. Please note that in order to keep suits that low that means that we need to make a lot of decoration on our own. I am planning on having decoration sessions as soon as the suits are in.
Senior Teams from Sheryl
  • I could be receiving suits as early as next week!!! I do not have cost from her, but did share that we want to stay in the 100$ range. As soon as they are in, I will start having decoration meeting. Stay tune.
That’s it for now.
Have a great weekend! MC (Mathilde, Eleonore and Juliana’s mom)